कृषि महाविद्यालय, लातूर - ४१३ ५१२(महाराष्ट्र)

College of Agriculture, Latur - 413 512(Maharashtra)



Infrastructure of department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

Sr.no. Name of Laboratory Size Facilities Instruments
1 Post graduate (PG) Lab 8x18m Laboratory plat form, Lab. table, Water supply, LPG Gas supply 1.Dispersion cup
2.Hydraulic conductivity meter
3.Deionized water plant
4.Water bath
5.Mechanical shaker
6.Distillation unit
7.Hot air oven
8.Mufle furnace
9.Hot plate
10.Wodden mortal & pastel
11.Electronic weighing balance
2 Under graduate (UG) Lab 8x15m Laboratory plat form, Lab. table, Water supply, LPG Gas supply 1.Hot air oven
2.Soil sampling augers
3.Mechanical shaker
4.Rocks Samples
6.Sand bath
8.Soil aggregate separator
9.Hot plate
10.Distillation unit
11.Soil Thermometer
3 Store room (Chemicals & glass wares) 8x3m Racks & cupboards Chemicals, glass wares, fertilizers etc.
4 Dept. Library & Remote sensing Lab 8x8m Racks & cupboards 1.Thesis
2.Periodicals/ Journals
3. Data-sheets
5 Class room 5x10m Teaching facilities for PG students Internet facility with LCD, White Board, Podium, Dual desks, etc…
6 Central Instrumentation Cell 10x18m Laboratory platform, racks, water supply, Air conditioning, etc.. 1.Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
3.Flame photometer
4.pH meter
5.EC meter
6.Microwave digestion
7.Nirogen analyzer
8.Weighing balance
9.Distillation unit
10.Hot air oven
11.Magnetic stirrer
7 Research farm 1.25ha Research trials of PG students andInstructional programme of UG students