कृषि महाविद्यालय, लातूर - ४१३ ५१२(महाराष्ट्र)

College of Agriculture, Latur - 413 512(Maharashtra)



The Department of Plant Pathology was established with inception of College of Agriculture, Latur during 1987 with mandate of providing teaching, research and extension activities in the relevant fields. At this department post graduate degree programme was initiated during 2002-2003 with intake capacity of six students per year and it was increased to twelve students per year from 2009-10. Total 162 students have been awarded the M. Sc. (Agri.) degree during 2002-2021. Most of the students secured the good placement. The department offers 24 credits of UG degree programme and 25 course credits + 30 Research credits of post graduate degree programme.

The staffing pattern of this department is one Professor, one Associate Professor and three Assistant Professors. The department has UG, PG laboratories and Mushroom Cultivation Unit under Experiential Learning Programme Module with adequate facilities of production of mushroom spawn and cultivation of mushroom for the ELP UG students. The department is having research farm (0.5 ha.) which is used to fulfill PG research as well as for UG instructional programme. This department staff has monitored 04 research projects, organized 04 trainings, contributed in 76 research papers, 02 books and 79 abstracts.

S.N. Staff Position Posts Name of Staff
1. Professor 01 Vacant
2 Associate Professor 01 Dr.V.G.Mulekar
3 Assistant Professor 03 1. Dr.Sunita J. Magar
2. Prof. S. V. Waghmare
3. Vacant posts-1
4 Agril. Assistant 01 Vacant
5 Mazdoor 01 Khating N.M.

Infrastructure of department of Plant Pathology

S.N. Name of Laboratory Size Facilities Instruments
1. Post graduate (PG) Lab 17.0 x 8.0 m Laboratory plat form, Lab. table, Water supply, 1. Autoclave
2. BOD
3. Hot air oven
4. Research Microscope
5. Student microscope
6. Distillation unit
7. Water bath
8.Electronic weighing balance
9. Refrigerator
10. Mechanical shaker
11. Microscopes
12. pH meter
2. Under graduate (UG) Lab 17.5 x 8.0 m Laboratory plat form, Lab. table, Water supply, 1. Autoclave
2. Research Microscope
3. Student Microscopes
4. Desiccators
5. Laminated photographs of Diseases
3. Media preparation and washing room 7.20 x8 m Platform and water supply For preparation of media and for washing of glassware and for basic work related isolation.
4. Isolation Chamber 2.5 x 2.0 m -- 1. Laminar air flow
2. Hot air Oven
5. Store room 8x3 m Racks & cupboards Glass wares, Chemicals, Fungicides , fertilizers and other material etc.
6. Screen House 8.0 x 3.5 m Platform For conducting experiment in earthen Pot under control condition
7. Mushroom Laboratory 9.10 x 7.40 m Laboratory platform, water supply, Air conditioning, etc. 1. Autoclave
2. BOD
3. Hot air oven
4. Laminar Airflow cabinet
5. Tray Dryer
6. Deep freeze
7. Refrigerator
8. Water Bath
9. Centrifuse
10. Research Microscope
11. pH meter
12. Electronic weighing balance
8. Mushroom cropping and growing room 11.60 x 7.40 m Laboratory platform, racks, water supply, Air conditioning, etc. 1.Autoclave
2. Boiler for Spawn preparation
3. Spawn Mixer
4. Grain Siever for spawn preparation
5. spawn inoculater
6. Weighing balance
7. Humidifier
9. Research farm 1.25ha Research trials of PG students and Instructional programme of UG students