कृषि महाविद्यालय, लातूर - ४१३ ५१२(महाराष्ट्र)

College of Agriculture, Latur - 413 512(Maharashtra)


Agricultural Engineering

a) Research activities

  • The academic staff members of this department are engaged with PG and Ph.D. research programme (Agril. Engg.) and are acting as major research guide for guiding the related Agril. Engg Subjects.
  • The research trials were conducted on topics like Deficit irrigation, effect of plastic mulching on soil moisture and yield of vegetables like Onion, Tomato &Bringels, effectiveness of poly film lining material to farm pond, utilization of inter space between CCT’s by different land use systems.

Short term research experiments are being under taken on Micro Irrigation

b) Technology Released / Recommendations

The staff of this department has given recommendations on micro irrigation and deficit irrigation. These recommendations have been already accepted by the state agriculture department. Research is an integral component of education system. Considering the need of Marathwada region and priorities, thrust areasare decided. Accordingly the research work is carried out at Department of Agricultural Engineering, simultaneously with teaching work load.

View Technology Released / Research Recommendations (2012-2018)

Externally funded projects / Inter Institutional Projects (2012-2017) Projects carried out

Sr.No. Pl / Co-PI Title of Project Period From Period To CAmount/Budget, lakhs Funding agency Remark
1. Dr. U.M.Khodke Development of irrigation project for enhancing seed production 2012-13 2015-16 1302 RKVY Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi Completed

Ph. D. students and Research Topics

Sr.No. Name of Student Title of thesis Year Advisor
1. Waikar A. U. 2013AE/P05 Draught characterization under climate change for sustainable crop planning in Marathwada region Dec 2017 Dr. U. M. Khodke
2. Chavan M. L. 2013AE/05 Estimation of reference evapoytranspiration and crop water requirement using Artificial neural network for semi arid region of Maharashtra Jan 2018 Dr. U. M. Khodke
3. Waikar A. U. 2013AE/P05 Assessment of area and water allocation in canal command area of Purna Irrigation Project Feb 2018 Dr. U. M. Khodke

M. Tech. Students and Research Topics

Sr.No. Name of Student Title of thesis Year Advisor
1. Ms. Pawar Pallavi G.2010AE/13M Development of Agricultural land drainage coefficient through rainfall analysis for Parbhani Oct-12 U. M. Khodke
2. Ms Dhage Kalinda H. Growth and yield response of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) under different drip irrigation and fertigation levels Nov-13 U. M. Khodke
3. Ms. Ghodke P. S. Ms. Ghodke P. S. Influence of Climatic Parameter Variability on Evapotranspiration in Semi Arid Region of Marathwada 2014 U. M. Khodke
4. Mr. Borey D. S. 2013AE/ 10M Influence of Climatic Parameter Variability on Evapotranspiration for Aurangabad Sept 2015 U. M. Khodke
5. Mr. Syed HarisNoman 2014AE/13M Temporal trends of reference evapotranspiration for Latur using Mann-Kendall test and sen’s slope estimator July 2017 U. M. Khodke
6. Ms. A. A. Kamble Determination of Taluka-wise drainage coefficient for Beed district Sept 2017 U. M. Khodke
7. MrChandan S. R 2016AE/03M Assessment of yield potential and water productivity of hybrid maize under drip fertigation March 2018 U. M. Khodke
8. S. D. Shinde 2016AE/04 M Response of capsicum to deficit irrigation levels under Polyhouse 2018 R. G. Bhagyawant

Other M. Tech Projects

  • The research work on "Studies on growth and yield parameters of green gram (vigna radiate l.) as influenced by irrigation schedules under different land configuration in summer season" has been completed.
  • M.Tech. Project on "Eefect of Storage Structure on Quality and Shelf life of Onion" has been completed in collaberation with C.I.A.E.,Bhopal.(2015)
  • M.Tech. Project on " Microwave Assisted Extraction of Pectin from Orange Peel" has been completed in collaberation with C.I.A.E.,Bhopal.(2015)